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Dedicated to supporting First Nations, Inuit and Métis students as they prepare for, transition to, and navigate life at McMaster. A member of the ISHS team is available to incoming and current health sciences students who are interested in learning about admissions, programs, scholarships, bursaries, and more. ISHS acts as a liaison for those who wish to get connected to various Indigenous health organizations, communities, professionals, and knowledge holders.

Medical School Entrance Interview (MSEI) Workshop

The MSEI workshop is a two day workshop focusing on increasing a positive performance during the medical school interview, specifically the multi-mini interview (MMI). ISHS in collaboration with the undergraduate medical program delivers the IPAC workshop on a yearly basis in February.

  • Possess knowledge of the medical school entrance interview processes.
  • Possess critical thinking skills to successfully answer different types of medical school entrance interview questions.
  • Possess communication skills to successfully answer different types of medical school entrance interview questions.
  • Demonstrate the capacity for self-reflection as an Indigenous person. 

You will have a chance to engage with existing medical students, residents and physicians through a series of activities as you work towards achieving the outlined objectives.

  • Activity 1: Understanding the MSEI & MMI Process
  • Activity 2: Knowing Yourself
  • Activity 3: Preparation for the Interview Process
  • Activity 4: Types of Interview Topics and Questions
  • Activity 5: Intro: Individual Interview & Group Work
  • Activity 6: Revisiting the Vision
  • Activity 7: Practising MMI Interviews
  • Activity 8: Debriefing from the MMI Interviews
  • Activity 9: Closing Sharing Circle

During the course you will be provided with resource material for future reference and view MMI video scenarios demonstrating both strong and weak performances as a learning tool.

Participants prepare by engaging in the following:

  1. Visit various medical school's websites to ensure you know what type of interview you will be participating in.
  2. Write a personal biography of approximately two pages in length.
  3. Write a letter of reference for yourself describing why you are qualified to enter medical school.
  4. Think about "knowing yourself"; describe yourself from a holistic perspective with words, phrases, and symbols. A holistic perspective can be written or using a circle diagram with a human being outline; consider values, qualities, traits, interests and gifts in the context of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of self.
  5. Read existing literature on the MMI.

The MSEI is by invitation to current First Nations, Inuit and Métis applicants to McMaster's undergraduate medical program. Invitations to attend the MSEI are sent with your letter of offer to interview for the program.

The MSEI is jointly funded by the ISHS office and Undergraduate Medical Program. Accommodations, meals, and materials are provided. Students pay their own transportation costs to and from the site in Hamilton.

Currently, eligible students are able to participate more than once.

All Indigenous students invited to interview are invited to participate regardless of place of residence.

Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC)

In 2012, IPAC developed and delivered an exciting new pilot project for students who applied to medical schools across the country with great success called the Medical School Entrance Interview-MMI Workshop. IPAC's intent for the innovative model is its uptake by medical schools across the country engaged in the Multi Mini Interview process (MMI).

"At IPAC we understand that participating in entrance interviews for medical school can be a daunting experience for any student and it is our goal, through this course to provide you with additional tools and skills to help you succeed in your upcoming interviews. We too wish to see you flourish."

Past Presidents Dr. M. Anderson & Dr. D. Kitty

MSEI 2013


ISHS Mock Multi Mini Interviews (MMI): Video Tools

Dr. Robert Kudlovich talks ISHS, MSEI, Medicine and McMaster

Dr. Jill Rorberge talks ISHS, MSEI, family and Medicine at McMaster

Come Explore Health Careers

The ISHS office in collaboration with the Indigenous Health Interest Group (IHIG) hosts Come Explore Health Careers events each year, both on campus and in community. 

This one-day event for Indigenous youth provides an opportunity for participants to engage in hands-on learning opportunities and work with current students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. 

Program highlights:

  • Opportunity to learn about careers in Nursing, Midwifery, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Physicians Assistant.
  • Workshops with hands-on clinical skills (i.e. wound care).
  • Mentorship opportunities with current McMaster University Health Sciences students.
  • Create a respectful and engaging environment for Indigenous youth that fosters inquiry and participation.
  • Integration of Indigenous knowledge pertaining to health and health careers.
  • Workshops to teach hands-on skills relevant to each discipline (i.e. wound care, checking vitals, etc.).
  • Information on the educational and extra-curricular prerequisites for admission into Medical School, Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Physicians Assistant.
  • Mentorship opportunities for participants to connect with students at McMaster University. 
10:00 am

Arrival on Campus

Welcoming to McMaster/ Opening with Elder

Ice Breaker Game

10:30 am Traditional Medicine/Health Presentation by one of ISHS's Elder's-in-Residence
11:00 am

Participants split into four groups

Workshops Round 1 

  • Clinical Skills
  • Anatomy
  • Heart Attack Diagnosis
  • Pregnancy & Birth
11:30 am Workshops Round 2
12:00 pm Lunch - supplied by ISHS
12:30 pm Workshops Round 3
1:00 pm Workshops Round 4
1:30 pm

Health Professionals "Fair"

  • Participants circulate between stations to learn about each health career.
2:00 pm Closing and Evaluations


Contact the ISHS office for availability:

905.525.4190 x 22367

Responses from youth participants when asked: What did you enjoy the most?

"All the hands on experience."

"I enjoyed learning about the different programs at McMaster."

"I enjoyed being able to look at the anatomy of the heart and the lungs."

"I loved the hands on approach and interactive activities."

This event is hosted in collaboration with the Indigenous Health Interest Group (IHIG). Each year ISHS and IHIG seek current McMaster students, in all health sciences programs, to volunteer as a diverse team to deliver interactive workshops, share information about their program of study, and act as role models/mentors to Indigenous youth. 

McMaster students who volunteer are able to receive an IPE credit.

If you would like to volunteer at a future event, contact our office.

Student Space

At the ISHS student space you will find a culturally safe space for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students on campus. Our corner of the McMaster University Medical Centre provides students with space to write or host a study group, access the ISHS library, have a nutrition/health break, spend time with our Elders, check in with members of the ISHS team or just visit and share a few laughs.

The new IHLL and ISHS office space in MDCL 3510 features a spacious student workspace within the office. Students will have access to the office kitchen to heat up their lunch or make coffee or tea. The student space is conveniently placed within the office to provide students with access to IHLL staff and the ISHS Assistant Program Coordinator. Additionally, Faculty and Elders have their own offices within MDCL 3510 to provide students with easy access to Faculty and Elder support as well as privacy within their offices should students need to discuss sensitive topics.



Contact Us

For more information on admissions, programs, or to inquire about Come Explore Health Careers, contact:

The ISHS office

905-525-9140 ext. 23935